Don't expect to hit the line and be at your peak level of performance within a few pedal strokes. You must warm up adequately for a time trial. Either on the road or trainer, you will need to include some hard efforts, however, no sprints, jumps or anaerobic efforts should be done.

Preliminary Warm up 30 Minutes

  1. Ride easy, less than 70% of maximum
  2. Check the Start location
  3. Check your Start time
  4. Sync your watch/computer to the official clock
  5. Find a suitable place for more intense riding, but still be aware of what's going on

Intense Warm up 30 Minutes The following percentages and rpm are approximations. Do not try to get your heart rate up to the suggested level as soon as you begin each interval; instead try to reach that level near the end of each interval. Attempt to arrive at the start line no sooner than 3 minutes before your scheduled start time

Enter your Max HR:
BPM (if you know your threshold then enter the number that produces your target HR below)

Your Target HR for the event is + or - beats.
Intense 30 Minute Warm up
Min HR Gear RPM
2 Med 90
2 Med 100
2 Med 110
2 Med 120
2 Rest Easy Spin
3 Hard 80
3 Hard 85
3 Hard 90
2 Rest Easy Spin
3 Med 85
3 Med 110+
3 Med <50